Conrad Maldives Rangali Island: The Complete Guide

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Considering a trip to one of the world’s most desired vacation destinations?

This is the ultimate guide for preparing for a vacation to Conrad Maldives Rangali Island in 2021 and 2022!

Inside this travel guide, you’ll find information that will help you to make a decision about whether Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort is right for you.

Or, if you’re already booked, you’ll find strategies, tips, and information that will help you make the most of your dream vacation.

Ready? Let’s go!

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What This Guide Covers

Chapter One:

What Makes Conrad Rangali Maldives Special?

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island has received more awards than I can list here. (Here’s a partial list, just to give you an idea.)

It is truly one of the world’s premiere travel destinations. Here’s why:

Dreamy Scenery

It is difficult to put into words the breathtaking setting that serves as the backdrop for a stay at Conrad Maldives.   

It’s like you’re living in a postcard for a few days. 

Sunset over a water villa in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel resort

Everywhere you turn, there are glorious vistas of blue water, pristine beaches, and palm trees swaying in a light breeze.

Add in overwater bungalows, palapas, seaplanes, and a wooden bridge that connects the two islands and you have the making of a perpetual “pinch-me” feeling. 

Remote. Really Remote.

One resort on two islands connected by a bridge. 

That’s it. There’s nothing else there! 

As a guest of the Conrad Rangali, you truly have an island life to yourself.
No locals coming and going.
No outside traffic.
No distractions.

Heck, you have to travel for 30 minutes by a seaplane over nothing but ocean to get there.

The remoteness of the island is a HUGE draw for anyone looking to escape from all other trappings of civilization and just lose herself in the beauty of a tropical island, in the middle of the Indian ocean.

We’ve never been any place like it.

conrad maldives sunset watching 1

Peaceful, Even When Full

During a recent stay, the resort was almost at complete capacity. 

We could spend hours in parts of the resort without bumping into another human. 

We never felt crowded, rushed, or stressed by the proximity of other guests. It is easy to find a space for yourself that is quiet and peaceful.

The Reef

Rangali island is actually a Maldivian atoll, meaning it is surrounded by coral reef. This reef acts as home to a prodigious variety of marine and sea life. 

As such, it also becomes a playground for visitors to the isle, as it offers many opportunities for snorkeling, scuba, and whale watching adventures. 

Behind many of the bungalows on Rangali Island (the west island) are situated atop the shallow waters that make up lagoons that stretch from the island to the edge of the reef. This makes for a phenomenal view from the west-facing bungalows.

Get Up Close with Incredible Wildlife

There is a wide variety of sea life, plants and animals around the resort. 

Here are some of the wildlife around Conrad Rangali that you’re likely to see during your stay:

Grey Heron

Each grey heron on the island is affectionately named “George”. They are not scared of humans at all, and will often join guests for breakfast at the Vilu breakfast buffet. 

Grey heron at Maldives Conrad Rangali Island

Fruit Bat

A harmless resident of the Conrad Rangali atoll, the fruit bat is important to the pollination of many plant species on the islands. You’ll see them flying around both day and dusk.


Blacktip reef sharks are a common site along the shallow beaches of Conrad Rangali. They are typically small in size and steer clear of humans. 

Family of black-tipped sharks hang out near shore at Conrad Maldives
Family of black-tipped sharks hang out near shore


Take a walk on any of the beaches in the evening or early in the morning and you’re sure to be joined by dozens of these critters. They have an important job — they clean the beach! 


Under the lights of the bridge, you’ll often find a few good-sized rays enjoying an evening snack.  Or you might see a few swimming together just along the shore.

Rays swim near the short at Conrad Maldives resort

The Water Villas

The water villas (or overwater bungalows) are the real reason we decided to stay at Rangali Island.

We first discovered the Conrad Rangali Island resort as we searched for “overwater bungalows” for a tropical holiday. 

After seeing the pictures, we were bound and determined to stay in one of those dreamy beach bungalows that popup in our Instagram feeds.

The water villas (or overwater bungalows) at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.

And the Conrad’s bungalows don’t disappoint. Each has incredible amenities and views; it just feels like you’re living out a dream.

What is a Water Villa Like Inside?

Complete Walk-through Water Villa at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

The Muraka

The Muraka is Conrad Rangali’s crown jewel. Here is how the resort describes this private residence.

Nestled in a private area of the shimmering lagoon, THE MURAKA is a first-of-its-kind luxury residence featuring three bedrooms and integrated living, dining, and entertaining spaces. The experience is complete with 24-hour private butler service, a private chef, and tailored experiences.

Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island official website

The Muraka stands alone essentially as a floating house. It has a private access point and clearly more amenities than we can count. The upper level is at water level and features two bedrooms, a bathroom, a deck and infinity pool, and even comes with private jet skis.

muraka location
The Muraka is a stand-alone part of the resort with its own seaplane arrival platform.

The most iconic feature of the Muraka, however, is the underwater master bedroom.

Take an elevator or a spiral staircase under the sea to the master suite and you’ll discover a masterfully architected aquarium…that doubles as your bedroom!

It’s easiest to describe by showing this video:

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

You’ll enjoy a meal of a lifetime at Ithaa, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island’s underwater restaurant.

Watch this video for an up-close look at Ithaa:

Below the surface of the seas, you’ll eat lunch or dinner inside an aquarium tube, proffering unbelievable, up-close views of sharks, eels, and other marine life, while you enjoy some of the finest cuisine at the resort.

Lunch at Ithaa, Conrad Maldives underwater restaurant

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Chapter Two:

Where is Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Located?

The Maldives is an Island Nation

The Maldives is entirely an island nation, made up of 1,200 islands. These are mostly small coral islands or sandbanks, that are bunched together in 26 natural atolls.

The Resort Consists of Two Connected Islands

The resort is located on two islands, Rangalifinolhu (east) and Rangali (west), that are connected via a bridge.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is made up of two islands: Rangalifinolhu & Rangali.
The two islands that make up the resort.

What is the airport closest to Conrad Rangali?

Most visitors arrive in the Maldives in the capital city of Malé, home of the Velana International Airport (MLE).

Malé itself is quite small by capital city standards (population 150,000) but is definitely a giant in relation to the many small islands that make up the Maldives.

If you fly in during the day, you will likely be able to see some of the seemingly numberless islands that make up the nation of Maldives. 

The airport is served by many major global airlines.

The Resort is 30 Minutes from Malé by Seaplane

From Malé, the most common way to reach Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is via seaplane. The trip takes approximately 30 minutes one-way.

seaplane map

During the flight, you’ll fly over dozens of small atolls, many uninhabited. It’s an amazing sight from the air.

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Chapter Three:

What to Expect on Your First Visit to Rangali?

💡TIP: Let the resort know your arrival plans at least five days before your stay so they can help you with the arrangements needed to get to the resort.

Getting There: Seaplane Transfer

Once you’ve landed at the Male airport, you will be met by a representative of the resort after you pass through immigration and collect your bags. He or she will be waiting for you just outside the exit holding a sign that says Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.

The representative will escort you to the desk of the seaplane transfer company to check in your luggage and issue you boarding passes.


The seaplane has to carefully manage the weight and thus has strict restrictions on baggage weights. Each passenger is limited to one bag of 55 lbs or less and one carry-on item of 15 lbs or less.


The seaplane transfer is the most common way to get from Male to Conrad Rangali. (Frankly, there aren’t really any other reasonable options.) The roundtrip flight to the resort is $550 per person. This fare will be added to your hotel bill, so you will not have to pay the seaplane company. 

Once you are fully checked into your flight, your hotel representative will drive you to the Seaplane terminal, just a short van ride from the main airport.

Seaplane + Conrad Lounge

Upon arrival at the Seaplane terminal, your driver will show you to a special lounge just for Conrad members. 

The resort tries to time the seaplane flights as close to your arrival as possible, but must also wait for other guests to fill up the plane. This can sometimes mean a wait of a few hours. 

To help make the time comfortable, the Conrad Maldives executive lounge has a wide variety of snacks (tasty snacks) and beverages, along with WiFi.  It’s actually a pretty nice experience by itself.

Seaplane Flight

The flight in the seaplane is approximately 30 minutes to Conrad Rangali resort. The seaplane is small (maybe 15-20 people) and very basic seating inside. 

It’s a fun experience to soar above the gorgeous turquoise waters, view many resorts and atolls along the way, and then ultimately spot the Conrad and get a birds-eye view of the property’s two islands.

Maldives atoll from the air
Maldivian atoll as seen from seaplane in the air en route to Conrad Maldives

Getting There: Other Options


Rather than the seaplane, you’ll need to take a short domestic flight from Malé to Maamigili airport (on a nearby island) and then a short speedboat ride to the resort.

The Conrad can make these arrangements for you.


You’ll need to spend the night in Malé and then take a seaplane flight to the Conrad Maldives in the morning. The Conrad can arrange the accommodation for you and will add it to your final bill with them, if you choose.


The resort can arrange a private yacht to take up to 15 guests to the resort. The trip is about 3 hours and it winds you through various other atolls before arriving at the resort. Price tag? A mere $5000 plus tax, fees, and tips.

When You Arrive

As your seaplane lands in the waters between the two islands, it will “taxi” until it arrives at a special dock used solely for the seaplane. 

Seaplane arrival at Maldives Conrad resort

Many members of the Conrad staff are there to wave to you and greet you when you get off the plane. We were given a refreshing fruit slushy and a moist, cool towel to clean off. Your luggage will be taken by a porter, with a promise to deliver it to your room.

💡TIP: Snap a photo of yourself with the seaplane in background before the seaplane leaves.

Guests are assigned a “host” or “hostess” who is in charge of making sure you have a pleasant stay. Our host was named Jamie. 

Your host will escort you to the reservation desk and there will give you a brief overview of the resort. Also, she’ll verify any reservations you have pre-booked and help you make reservations for meals, spa treatments or other excursions.

Registration area at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
Registration area at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

At check-in, you will also be required to place a hold on your credit card, even if you have booked with awards or points. The hold will be released a few days after you leave the resort.

Rooms are ready at 2pm. 

💡TIP: If you will arrive before 2pm, bring a day bag or backpack with a change of clothing that will make you comfortable at the resort. Something suitable for beach or pool is a good idea.

Your Room is Ready

When your room is ready, you’ll be taken there (likely by golf cart) by your host. 

At this point, your luggage should be there waiting, and your host will give you a tour of your accommodations. There might even be a small welcome gift of chocolates, fruit, and a bottle of wine or sparkling cider. 

Water Villas at Conrad Maldives

Your room should have an adaptor to convert your electronics to the resort’s electrical outlets (British style plugs). You can ask for more if needed. 

Also, water will be provided to your room in glass bottles. Each room also has beach towels you can use around the resort. You can request more water and towels (complimentary) as needed.

Check Out Process

Your checkout day will greatly depend on what time you need to be at the Male airport.

Our fight to Dubai left at 6pm so we were scheduled to fly out on a seaplane in the afternoon.

Checkout of your room is 12pm. You can request a late checkout (2pm) but it is dependent upon the resort availability.

The night before you leave, you’ll receive notice of your flight time for your departing seaplane. It will be communicated through your TV screen in your room.

If you have a late afternoon flight, it is a good idea to request temporary access to another room so you can shower and change in preparation for your flight.

💡TIP: With a little bit of planning you can still enjoy the beach and the water. Simply prepare a backpack or beach bag with your change of clothes for the plane.

Before 12pm you should return your snorkel gear to the Dive Center and settle your bill at reception.

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Chapter Four:

How to Contact Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

There are a variety of ways to connect with the resort to ask questions, book excursions, and make your vacation plans.

How can I reach Conrad Rangali front desk?

To reach the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island front desk, call the hotel operator at +960 668 0629 and ask to be connected.

What is Conrad Maldives Rangali Island’s phone number?

Here is the phone number for Guest Information: +960 668 0629

What is Conrad Maldives Rangali Island’s address?

Here’s the physical address for Conrad Maldives Rangali Island:

Conrad Maldives Rangali Rangali Island, 20077, Maldives

What is Conrad Maldives Rangali Island’s email address?

The best email address to reach the resort for general inquiries is

For inquiries related to the Muraka, use

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Chapter Five:

Conrad Maldives Weather

This island nation is known for its tropical climate. This means plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures, but greatly influenced by monsoons. The humidity, along with the temperatures, are steadily high.

Humidity isn’t usually overbearing for resort guests, however, as an ocean breeze is ever-present.

During a monsoon, the seas can get rough. It is common for diving, snorkeling or other water activities to be cancelled during these times.

Best Time to Visit Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

While showers and thunderstorms occur at all times of the year, the months of January to mid-April tend to be the most predictably sunny and dry.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Average Temperatures

MonthHighLowDays of Rain
January87°79°2 days
February88°80°1 day
March89°80°2 days
April89°81°4 days
May88°81°7 days
June88°80°4 days
July87°80°6 days
August87°79°7 days
September87°79°7 days
October87°79°7 days
November86°79°7 days
December87°79°7 days

Rangali Island Sunrise / Sunset Times

January6:18 am6:12 pm
February6:21 am6:20 pm
March6:13 am6:18 pm
April6:00 am6:12 pm
May5:53 am6:11 pm
June5:56 am6:17 pm
July6:02 am6:22 pm
August6:03 am6:18 pm
September5:57 am6:05 pm
October5:51 am5:53pm
November5:52 am5:49 pm
December6:04 am5:58 pm

Current Rangali Temperature

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Chapter Six:

40+ Magical Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Tips

This is the largest collection of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island tips on the planet.

All of our Maldives advice, tips, and tricks will help you save time, save money or make your experience more magical.

Use these tips to help in planning your stay at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort.

1. Obtain Scuba Certification Before You Come

If you’ve ever wanted to take up scuba diving, there are few places better in the world to do it than Conrad Maldives. 

There are a wide variety of incredible dive spots nearby and the resort has a dedicated Dive Shop that offers daily dive excursions of varying difficulty. 

Get certified before you come so you can enjoy this aspect of Rangali. 

2. Set Your Phone Time to Bangladesh

The time on Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is a little confusing; it is one hour LATER than Male and even if your phone connects to the Wifi, it won’t update with the local time. 

To stay “on time”, go into your phone settings and change the time from an automatic update to be fixed on Bangladesh time zone.

3. Book Your Spa Treatment at the Conrad Seaplane Lounge

If you’re flexible with the time you wish to enjoy a treatment at the spa, you should NOT pre-book your treatment. Instead, wait until you arrive at the Conrad seaplane lounge to make your reservations. 

They have special offers at the lounge to entice you, and these offers do not apply if you’ve already pre-booked a treatment. 

For example, we’ve seen special offers such as book a 60 minute massage and they will add on a bonus 30 minutes for no charge. 

4. Free Water Available in the Fitness Center

If you’re just a little bit thirsty and you’re close by, just head up to the fitness center to take a peek inside and grab a cup of water.  

5. Sunset vs. Sunrise Villa

At time of booking, you have the option of selecting an overwater bungalow whose back deck is facing the direction of the sunrise or the sunset. 

To help make this decision, you might take into consideration a few things. 

First, will you already be enjoying the sunset at dinner time? We found that we booked our evening meals to coincide with watching sunset from the restaurant. So we were seldom in our room at the time the sun went down. If you’re like us, maybe a sunrise villa would be preferable, where you can open up your curtains and watch the sunrise from the comfort of your bed.

However, perhaps you prefer to eat dinner at a later hour. Or you sleep in and would never be awake for the sunrise. If this sounds like you, then a sunset villa might be a better choice.

Shark in the water at sunset at Maldives Conrad Rangali Island
Shark swims near shore at sunset

6. Call to Request a Golf Cart

The resort is divided into two islands, Rangali (west) and Rangalifinolhu (east). These are connected by a long narrow bridge. While neither island is particularly huge, but traveling back and forth can take some time. 

Place a call to the hotel reception about 5 to 15 minutes prior to your desired departure time to request a “buggy” (golf cart). A staff member will arrive in a golf cart to chauffeur you to your destination. 

Golf cart transport at Conrad Maldives Rangali Islands

7. Take the Boat Between the Islands

Another choice to travel between the two islands of the resort is to take the Dhoni.

A dhoni is a traditional Maldivian sailing vessel, typically used for fishing. The Conrad Maldives employs a dhoni as a ferry between the two islands. You might have to wait a few minutes for the ferry to arrive at your port, but the lagoon crossing takes about 10 minutes.

8. Don’t Pack Beach Towels

There are plenty of beach towels available for your use. You will find them in your room, as well as available at the pools or beaches.

If you would like more, simply call Guest Services and they’ll deliver more to your room.

9. Drinking Water is Delivered to Your Room

Glass bottles of drinking water are provided in your room each daily. If you would like more, simply request it from Guest Services.

Glass bottles of drinking water at Hilton Conrad Maldives
Water bottles are provided free in your room

We requested a few more bottles and filled up our own bottles to take the beach with us each day, as it’s easy to get thirsty out there in the sunshine.

10. Plenty of Closet & Luggage Space

If you’re worried about luggage limitations, rest assured that space in your accommodations will not be a problem. The closets are enormous with well- thought out area set aside for your luggage.

11. Snorkel Gear is Free

No need to bring your own snorkel equipment.

The dive center makes available high quality snorkeling equipment (tube, mask, fins). You can pick up a set and keep it with you during your entire stay. You’ll just be asked to return it by noon on the day of your departure.

This is truly convenient because we snorkeled in both the early mornings and evenings by the reefs behind our overwater villas.

Snorkeling outside water villa at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

12. Kayaks, SUP, and Catamaran are Free to Use

The resort makes it easy to enjoy water sports in the waters next to the resort islands. Kayaks, stand up paddleboards and even a catamaran are available to check out for free use.

Free water sports activities at Conrad Maldives

13. Bring Plenty of Sunscreen

At some luxury resorts, complimentary sunscreen is set out by the pools for guests to use. We didn’t see any of that at Conrad Maldives.

Since most of your days are spent in the sun in some capacity, remember to pack plenty of sunscreen and then apply it often.

Quiet Pool at Rangali Island, Conrad Maldives by Hilton

The resort is situated very near to the Equator and the sun burns powerfully hot every day of the year.

14. Enjoy a Massage BEFORE You Get Sunburnt

While it might be hard to forecast a sunburn, if, while planning your itinerary, you know that you will have certain days spent doing water sports such as jet skiing, scuba or snorkeling, it might be wise to schedule a massage on the days BEFORE the heavy sun days. A massage can be made less pleasant if you’re sporting a significant sunburn.

15. Read the Menus Before You Come

Email the resort and ask for the latest menus with prices attached so you have a sense of which restaurants look appealing and their associated prices.

Having a dining plan can literally save you hundreds over just showing up and trying whatever restaurant the resort staff recommends in the moment.

16. The Easiest Way to Save Money

Dining and alcohol will likely be your biggest expense while at the resort.

You can save money simply by making your dining plans ahead of time.

The next few tips are devoted to helping you save on meals.

The easiest way to save money on food is to have a late breakfast buffet and skip lunch.

A breakfast buffet is complimentary for guests with Hilton Gold status or higher and is provided at the Vilu restaurant on Rangali island and at the Atoll Market on Rangalifinolhu island. The buffet ends at 10:30 am.

By arriving around 9:30 or 9:45am, we were able to enjoy all the wonders of the buffet (and there are many wonders) and eat our fill. We were so filled daily that skipping lunch was no problem and we simply enjoyed a sunset dinner.

17. Sneak a Cereal Box for Later

Little boxes of cereal are provided as part of the buffet breakfast.

For a little snack later in the day, sneak a cereal box or two to enjoy as a treat between meals.

18. Bring Snacks from Home

If we needed something to tide us over between breakfast and dinner, we were ready.

We used extra room in our luggage to bring snacks from home such as energy bars, pistachios, some candy.


Food at the resort is expensive! Thus, having a few boxes of your favorite snacks on hand can save you a pretty money in extra food bills at the restaurants.

19. Want a Free Snack? Hit the Gym

Apples and pears are available at the fitness center for guests that are working out. Always useful to know where you can find a free snack, don’t you think?

20. Get a Free Birthday Cake

Celebrating a birthday at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island?

Be sure to let the staff know and you’ll likely be presented with a birthday cake at your dinner.

Birthday cake at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

21. Get a Free Birthday Massage

Another birthday perk that I was offered was a free 30-minute massage at the spa. The massage had to take place during the traditional dinner hours, so if that works with your plans, it might be a great perk to help you celebrate.

22. When to Call for the Buggy

Because you are often traveling from one island to another, we found the “buggy” (golf cart driven by a staff member) to be the fastest way to get from your villa to anywhere else on the resort.

These buggies can transport up to five people.

Often the buggy and driver are situated elsewhere on the island and need time to finish their business and then make their way to you.

If you have spa, excursion, or dining appointments, and you want to make sure you’re on time, call for a buggy 15 minutes before you need to leave. This allows the buggy adequate time to get to you.

23. Sunbathe on the Side that Faces the Prevailing Winds

The weather in Conrad Maldives is otherwise hot and humid, but thankfully the island resort is blessed with tropical breezes. The average wind speed varies by season but ranges from 7-10 miles per hour.

When basking in the sun, your experience can change dramatically depending on your access to this breeze.

Through out the resort, there are plenty of options for sunbathing: pools and quiet beaches.

Beach chair at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

If you plan to spend a lot of time “laying out”, we recommend planning your sunbathing on a side of the island that faces the prevailing wind. This will keep you cool and pleasant. The temperatures can be very hot without access to the breeze.

March 27 to November 28: winds come from west.
November 28 to March 21: winds come from east.

24. Swim with Black Tip Sharks

Black tip sharks call the shallow waters of the resort “home”. They can be found near virtually any beach.

Outside our bungalow on Rangali island, we found a family of barrier sharks that came every morning at dawn to the shallows, presumably to regulate their temperature in the warmer water.

Getting up at sunrise, we donned our snorkel gear and swam underneath our villa to the spot where the sharks circled.

We approached very slowly and remained still and had a lot up close encounters with black tipped reef sharks.

25. Snorkel at House Reef

On the east beach of Rangalifinolhu (the main island), you’ll find great snorkeling with tremendous variety at “House Reef”.

We saw stingrays, reef sharks, huge schools of fish swimming together, as well as tropical fish of many varieties. It was the best snorkeling experience of my life and I’ve snorkeled in the Hawaiian islands, the Bahamas and Santorini.

26. Watch the Shark Feeding at Mandhoo

Every day at 1:30pm (except Monday), Mandhoo restaurant, located on Rangalifinolhu island, puts on a free show.

Dropping “fish food” into the water brings a horde of local black tipped sharks, stingrays, and tagalong fish to converge on the spot for some frenzied feeding.

Feeding frenzy from black-tipped sharks in the Maldives at Conrad Rangali Island
The feeding frenzy!

The feeding lasts about 10 minutes and it’s fun to watch the sharks thrash about in effort to get a snack. It’s a spectacle you should definitely see at least once during your visit.

27. All the Herons are Named George

At any given time during your stay, you’ll likely experience some up-close time with one of the local grey herons.

While they aren’t aggressive, they aren’t shy of humans. Every time we ate at Vilu restaurant, one of these majestic birds kept us close company.

The birds have all been affectionately named “George”.

George, the grey heron at Maldives Conrad Rangali Island resort
George listens intently to our conversation

28. Look for the Bats During the Day

Massive fruit bats nest in the trees around the islands and it isn’t uncommon to see them soaring nearby during your stay.

29. Villas Use British Outlets

Electrical outlets in the villas use the UK standard. One converter is provided when you check-in. More are available upon request from Guest Services.

30. Best Pictures at Ithaa: Arrive First or Stay Longest

Ithaa is Conrad Maldive’s world-famous underwater restaurant and the dining experience is truly out-of-this-world amazing.

Lunch at Ithaa, the underwater restaurant at Conrad Maldives resort.

To get pictures of you and your party alone in the restaurant, you have two choices:

1 – Be the first to arrive, be the first downstairs to the restaurant, and very quickly take pictures while the other guests wait behind you.

2 – Wait until all other parties have left and linger for a few moments. The dining staff is very used to this and won’t have any problem with you taking a few pictures. You can even ask permission to move a table or two to get a better picture.

31. Lunch at Ithaa: Wear Sunglasses

Lunch at Ithaa is a bright, beautiful experience, as the sunlight streams in from above, cutting through the water, into the underwater restaurant.

This sunlight also warms up the aquarium inside (thank goodness for air conditioning) and makes it quite “squinty.”

Shark swims over top of underwater restaurant, Ithaa, at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Wear your sunglasses during your meal and you’ll be much more comfortable. (And you’ll look really cool.)

32. Vegetarian Meal Available at Ithaa

While Ithaa restaurant serves a fixed menu, they do have vegetarian options available upon request.

33. Learn from Your Ithaa Staff

Want to know what kind of fish that is swimming over your head?

We enjoyed learning about all varieties of marine life that swam around us while we dined at Ithaa undersea restaurant.

Our wait staff were very friendly and knowledgable and didn’t seem to grow tired of our incessant questions.

34. Our Favorite Sunbathing Spots

We loved the total shade provided by a palapa on Quiet Beach of Rangali island, coupled with the gentle breeze to keep things cool. We were close enough to the bar to receive attention from the staff when we wanted, but also far enough away that we often felt like the only resort guests around.

On Rangalifinolhu island, we enjoyed the north beach facing the spa and villas, as well as the east beach for easy snorkel access to House Reef.

35. Request Late Checkout or Temporary Villa

Typical checkout time is 12pm, but you can ask for a late checkout. If there is availability, you might be extended to 2pm.

We were unsuccessful in getting the late checkout, but the resort did grant us a couple of hours in a Beach Villa near to the reception desk.

This was very welcome as it allowed us to shower and change into our travel clothes before getting on the seaplane to head back to Male.

36. Plan for Beach Time for Your Last Day

On departure day, there sometimes occurs a gap of time between checkout (12pm) and the time your seaplane takes you back to the airport. This is frequently the case when you have an evening flight.

If this will be your situation, you can still plan for a day at the beach, even though you have to prepare your luggage to leave your room.

Simply pack a beach bag or backpack with a change of clothes for the plane and a plastic bag that you can use for any sandy or damp beach clothes.

37. Enjoy Daily Reception for Hilton Honors Members

All Hilton Honors members with Gold status or higher are invited to a free happy hour at Vilu restaurant from 4:30-5:30pm daily.

Wine or cocktail of the days are served, along with mocktails, soft drinks, and juices.

Happy Hour at Vilu restaurant at Conrad Maldives

Around 5pm, they bring a small canapé; the offering changes every day.

We found this to be a nice way to finish our time at the beach before heading to the villa to change for dinner or evening activities.

38. Wear a Sweater and Enjoy Cheese Fondue

One of our favorite meals was the three-course cheese fondue offering at the Wine Bar. It is served 2-3 days each week, so ask about availability.

The ambiance is very cool, in both meanings of the word. The setting is gorgeous with a floor made of black sand imported from New Zealand. And, because it is home to hundreds of wines, it is quite chilly, with temperature kept at 19 degrees Celsius.

So, bring a sweater or jacket and you’ll be much more comfortable.

The Wine Cellar restaurant at Maldives Conrad

39. Want a Private Island Romance?

If you’re ready for a splurge and you’re celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary, you can book a private island dining experience!

You will be whisked away from the confines of the Conrad Maldives lagoon by boat and taken to an entirely isolated and uninhabited atoll.

You and your loved one will enjoy a lunch prepared by the staff, who will then speed away in their vessel, discretely leaving you alone for a few hours.

Truly a romantic experience you’ll never forget!

It’s a five hour excursion for $650 per couple, plus service charge, taxes, and additional gratuities.

40. Eat Dinner at Sunset

For a sunset dinner, book a reservation at any of the fine dining restaurants at the resort about 30 minutes prior to sunset. This way you can enjoy the full sunset and its remnant afterglow.

Couple outside overwater villas at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

41. Swim with Whale Sharks

One of the most popular excursions offered by the Ocean Dive Centre at the Conrad is a whale shark dive.

This is a unique opportunity to swim with (or near) these massive fish, as the Maldivian reefs are one of the few places in the world to see them.

We were offered a $50 discount per person by pre-booking before arriving at the resort, so keep an eye out for offers.

42. Enjoy Live Music

During our time there, a live musical performance was enjoyed each evening near Rangali Bar.

And on some afternoons, a DJ was spinning some tracks (is that what the kids say?) in the same area.

42. Hilton Status Has its Perks

Conrad hotels are owned by Hilton.

Hilton Honors members with Gold or Diamond status enjoy these special perks at the Conrad Maldives:

  • Free breakfast buffet at Vilu restaurant or Atoll Market
  • Free happy hour at 4:30pm at Vilu restaurant
  • Bottle of wine upon arrival
  • Chocolate and fruit amenities upon arrival

See the official list of benefits here.

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Chapter Seven:

Snorkeling at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

You’re on an atoll in the Maldives, surrounded by some of the most beautiful reef in the world. Snorkeling at Conrad Maldives is an absolute must-do activity!

Easy access to a thriving reef and a vast variety of spectacular marine life make the Maldives one of the premier snorkeling destinations in the world.

What You Can See When Snorkeling

There is so much life in these waters! During our stay, we spotted the following:

  • Sharks
  • Rays
  • Eels
  • Sea Turtles
  • Octopus
  • Barracuda
  • Clownfish
  • Surgeonfish
  • Triggerfish
  • Parrotfish
  • Lionfish
  • Anemone Fish
  • Snapper
  • Angel Fish
  • Wrasse
  • Puffer Fish
  • Unicorn Fish
  • Tang
  • Starfish
  • and so many more

Getting Snorkeling Equipment

Snorkel gear is free when you stay at the Hilton Conrad Maldives. Whenever the Ocean Dive Centre is open, you can pick up a snorkel equipment set that you’re free to use during your stay.

Ocean Dive Centre at Hilton Conrad Maldives
Ocean Dive Centre…where you can pick up free snorkel gear

In exchange for your name and room number, you can borrow a snorkel set that comes in a convenient tote. In the backpack, you’ll find:

  • Mask
  • Flippers
  • Breathing Tube

Where to Snorkel at Conrad Maldives

There are plenty of places to snorkel around the resort. Areas with strong currents are heavily advertised and you are strongly advised to steer clear of these areas.

Here are our two favorite snorkeling locations.

Shallow Reef to the West of Rangali Island

We enjoyed exploring the shallow reef to the west of Rangali island, as it was just off the back of our overwater villa. Stairs lead down into the water from the villa making it the most convenient place to snorkel if you’re staying in one of these bungalows.

We arose before sunset several mornings to explore and found that the area under our villa was teeming with activity. Black-tipped sharks congregated by the shore in groups and it was fun to lie in the water and watch them up close.

Black tipped sharks in Maldives at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
One of many black-tipped sharks that swam under our overwater villa

We also ventured out to the reef areas where we encountered sea turtles, more sharks, and massive schools of multi-colored fish.

This area is all very shallow, seemingly no deeper than 5 feet at any given point.

House Reef to the East of Rangalifolhu Island

When we asked Where is the best snorkeling on Conrad Maldives Rangali Island? the staff answered unanimously House Reef.

House Reef is situated to the east of of Rangalifolhu (the east island) and while the reef seems dense and impassible at first glance, the key is to find the channel that leads in a straight east-to-west line from the resort beach to the edge of the reef.

house reef conrad maldives rangali island
How to find the channel at House Reef

The edge of the reef is not just a great place to find incredible wildlife, it is also quite impressive to observe the sheer dropoff. The end of the reef feels like the start of an endless, deep gaping space. A little unnerving at first sight.

Once you’ve made your way through the channel of House Reef, you’ll have easier access to swim along the reef and discover so many amazing sights.

Another way to find the channel both on the way in and on the way out is to look for the white buoys bobbing up at down at the mouth of the channel. I found it easy to get disoriented when snorkeling and those buoys were very helpful in those circumstances.

I have snorkeled in many places in the world (Roatan, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Mexico) and the snorkeling at House Reef at Conrad Maldives is the best I’ve encountered anywhere.

Guests that stay in the Deluxe Beach Villas 217-239 have particularly easy access to the reef.

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