Best Time to Visit Zürich Switzerland

From sunshine to snow showers, here is everything you need to know about the weather in Zürich, Switzerland. The weather in Zürich is much milder than many suppose. Being in Switzerland, I originally believed that it would be frigid during the winters with whiteout snowstorms to boot. However, snow is not super common and the temperatures mostly stay above freezing … Read More

Lucerne Weather

Weather in Lucerne, Switzerland can be very pleasant or below freezing. Here is a comprehensive guide to what you need to know about traveling to Lucerne, Switzerland. Lucerne is a city that is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Green forests, clear, blue waters, and high, powerful mountains make up the surrounding countryside of this medieval Swiss town. It is needful to … Read More

Lauterbrunnen Weather

Weather in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland can be some of the best European weather you’ll experience, or it can be bitterly cold. It all depends upon what time of year you visit. Lauterbrunnen has captured the eyes of many travelers who visit the Jungfrau Region of the Swiss Alps. Its magic comes from the natural beauty of the towering rock walls and … Read More