Travel from Zürich to Lucerne

The distance from Zürich to Lucerne is 32 miles or 52 kilometers. That’s a long walk.  I’ve put together a detailed guide of the three most popular ways to get from the city of Zürich to Lucerne. The options I’ll cover are traveling via train, taxi, and car. Table of Contents Best Way to Get from Zürich to Lucerne Zürich … Read More

Best Time to Visit Zürich Switzerland

From sunshine to snow showers, here is everything you need to know about the weather in Zürich, Switzerland. The weather in Zürich is much milder than many suppose. Being in Switzerland, I originally believed that it would be frigid during the winters with whiteout snowstorms to boot. However, snow is not super common and the temperatures mostly stay above freezing … Read More

Zürich Switzerland Travel Guide

This is the ultimate first timer’s travel guide for preparing a vacation to Zürich, Switzerland. Zürich is a delightful mix of modern and classical history. As the largest city in Switzerland, it is rife with things to see and things to do for the adventurous and those who want to immerse themselves in the Swiss experience. Zürich is a European … Read More