Lauterbrunnen Weather

Weather in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland can be some of the best European weather you’ll experience, or it can be bitterly cold. It all depends upon what time of year you visit.

Lauterbrunnen has captured the eyes of many travelers who visit the Jungfrau Region of the Swiss Alps. Its magic comes from the natural beauty of the towering rock walls and thick forests in contrast with the snow topped peaks and many waterfalls.

The reason this region is so pretty is due to the common rainfall and warm sunny days which bring out the best in the plant and animal life. In this guide I will talk about how to pick the best time of year for you to visit Lauterbrunnen so you can have the best experience with the alpine climate.

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Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland on a clear day

What This Guide Covers

You can read every single tip about Lauterbrunnen’s weather on this guide (highly recommended) or use the navigation links below to skip to the information that is most valuable to you.

Lauterbrunnen Weather Overview

Lauterbrunnen is wet year round, with mild summers and intense winters. I’ll outline the different weather patterns to be prepared for and when to expect them here.


Rain is what makes the grass grow green and the meadows fill with flowers. And there sure is a lot of it.

While planning a trip to Lauterbrunnen, it is wise to plan for at least one rainy day, no matter which season you go in. The summer is the wettest season, so if you travel during June, July, or August, bring an umbrella or a rain jacket just to be safe.

Rainfall is usually light and continues throughout the day, but when accompanied by a thunderstorm it can turn into a downpour very quickly.


Snow dusts Lauterbrunnen very often. The snow on the ground rarely ever gets deeper than 12 inches, but it falls constantly enough to make the roads slippery and travel slightly perilous.

Snow usually falls during the winter months of December, January, February, and March. February is usually the recipient of the most snowfall.

Watch Lauterbrunnen Highlight Reel

Take a look at Lauterbrunnen in summer time. These highlights were filmed at the end of June, beginning of July:

Lauterbrunnen Weather by Month

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland with a bird's eye view of Staubbach Falls

Here is a breakdown of the monthly weather in Lauterbrunnen so you know what to expect:


Very cold, a lot of snow, good for winter sports.

  • Average High: 34°F
  • Average Low: 25°F
  • Average Rainfall: 4 days
  • Average Snowfall: 18 days


Very cold, slightly less snow, good for winter sports.

  • Average High: 39°F
  • Average Low: 25°F
  • Average Rainfall: 3 days
  • Average Snowfall: 16 days


Cold, snowy, good for winter sports.

  • Average High: 48°F
  • Average Low: 32°F
  • Average Rainfall: 9 days
  • Average Snowfall: 16 days


Chilly, somewhat snowy, rainy, end of winter sport season.

  • Average High: 55°F
  • Average Low: 34°F
  • Average Rainfall: 12 days
  • Average Snowfall: 8 days


Chilly, rainy, plants begin to bloom, waterfalls pick up their flow.

  • Average High: 62°F
  • Average Low: 41°F
  • Average Rainfall: 19 days
  • Average Snowfall: 6 days


Pleasant, rainy, very green, waterfalls begin to flow faster.

  • Average High: 68°F
  • Average Low: 46°F
  • Average Rainfall: 20 days
  • Average Snowfall: 0 days


Pleasant, rainiest season of the year, very green, waterfalls flow powerfully, peak tourism season.

  • Average High: 71°F
  • Average Low: 50°F
  • Average Rainfall: 22 days
  • Average Snowfall: 0 days


Pleasant, rainy, very green, waterfalls flow powerfully, peak tourism season.

  • Average High: 70°F
  • Average Low: 50°F
  • Average Rainfall: 21 days
  • Average Snowfall: 0 days


Chilly, less rainy, green, waterfalls begin to slow, tourism declines.

  • Average High: 64°F
  • Average Low: 45°F
  • Average Rainfall: 15 days
  • Average Snowfall: 1 day


Cold, light snowfall begins, less rainy.

  • Average High: 55°F
  • Average Low: 38°F
  • Average Rainfall: 10 days
  • Average Snowfall: 5 days


Cold, snowy, winter sports season begins.

  • Average High: 42°F
  • Average Low: 32°F
  • Average Rainfall: 6 days
  • Average Snowfall: 11 days


Very cold, snowy, good for winter sports.

  • Average High: 36°F
  • Average Low: 26°F
  • Average Rainfall: 5 days
  • Average Snowfall: 14 days

Source: Weather and Climate and Best Travel Months

Best Time to Visit Lauterbrunnen

A cloudy day in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

The best time to visit Lauterbrunnen is during the warmer summer months. The weather is ideal, it’s not too hot or too cold, and the waterfalls in the area are full and powerful from the melting snow and ice from the peaks of the mountains. It is also the ideal time to hike along the mountain trails because of the amazing vistas you will see.

Summer is peak season for tourism because of the heavenly weather. However, it is the only time that you will be able to experience some of the many excursions that make Lauterbrunnen so enjoyable. The crowds are very manageable because it is a small town as well. 

Worst Time to Visit Lauterbrunnen

Snow capped mountains and Wengen, Switzerland

Depending upon what your interests are, winter is the worst time to visit Lauterbrunnen. The frigid temperatures and frequent snowfall makes it difficult / unenjoyable to go outside and enjoy the sights. It also hinders the experience because many of the main attractions are closed during the low season.

If you are into winter sports, winter may be one of the better times to visit Lauterbrunnen then. With many kilometers of hills to ski and snowboard down and the longest FIS Ski World Cup run, this might be the destination of your dreams.

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