Where to Stay in Palm Springs: Best Areas

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Hotel in Palm Springs California

One of the most important parts of any vacation is choosing where to stay. At the same time, this can be a really tough decision! There are so many options – hotels, vacation home, and Airbnb’s – which one is right for my group and me? How can I know I’m getting the best deals?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have all the best places to stay in Palm Springs, with a few places in particular highlighted.

To begin, you want to focus on what kind of activities or excursions you want to enjoy on your vacation. A trip to Palm Springs looks quite different depending on if you like to spend more time out in nature or in the city, if you prefer local destinations to tourist ones, or even if you want to stay close to Palm Springs or you’re willing to explore.

We’ll help you break down Palm Springs and the surrounding region, narrow down your choices, and point out some of our favorite spots. Don’t worry, you’ll be ready for your Palm Springs vacation in no time!

Table of Contents:

Overview of the Palm Springs Region

Palm Springs Snapshot

Palm Springs itself is a small city, only about 95 square miles with a population of roughly 50,000. The boundaries follow the curve of Mt. San Jacinto and the opposite desert hills, including some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the area. Meanwhile, the southernmost part of the city is largely uninhabited, as it moves into the mountain areas.

palm springs map

Aside from the downtown neighborhoods, what many people consider to be Palm Springs is really in the outlying areas. Joshua Tree National Park, for instance, is a good forty minutes from the actual city. Palm Desert and Cathedral City both lay to the South of Palm Springs, however some of the hottest attractions are closer to those zones. For now, we’re going to focus our attention within the city limits.

That is why determining what you want to do ahead of time is important – you can choose the right neighborhood!

Where to Stay in Palm Springs – Regional Map

Palm Springs Regional Map

Best Places to Stay in Palm Springs

Downtown Palm Springs


In the past few years, the city of Palm Springs has worked to recreate the downtown area. Updates, fun design elements, and a new layout are just part of the charm of this area. Along with making the plaza more visually attractive, the changes allowed for new restaurants and retail locations to come in, benefiting tourists and locals alike. The city planners also had a goal to increase artistic elements, like statues and work from local artists, which fits with Palm Springs’ culture and history.

Staying in downtown Palm Springs puts you right in the middle of this updated plaza, surrounded by plenty of things to see, do, and eat! If you want to be able to get up, walk right out your door, and get into the thick of the city, then staying downtown is perfect for you. Being on site also makes it easier to attend local events, like VillageFest, and not have to worry about parking or traffic.

Best Hotels in Downtown Palm Springs – Alcazar Palm Springs, Holiday House Palm Springs, &  Andreas Hotel & Spa.

Best Airbnbs in Downtown Palm Springs – Palm Springs Cottage & Modernist Downtown Condo

The Movie Colony

The Movie Colony neighborhood, or TMC, gets its name from the many Hollywood stars who owned homes in this area during the 1930s and again in the 1960s. Truly the playground of the rich and famous, TMC once was the home of people like Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe. Now, it is still one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Palm Springs.

Staying in The Movie Colony is like staying in a hidden oasis – close enough to the action of downtown that you can walk, but secluded enough for privacy and relaxation. TMC is a small neighborhood, where quiet and privacy are a priority. If that sounds like heaven to you, then The Movie Colony might be where you want to stay in Palm Springs.

Best Hotels in The Movie Colony – Movie Colony Hotel & The Colony Hotel and Bungalows

Best Airbnbs in The Movie Colony – Movie Colony Condo, Boho Chic Condo, &  Miraleste Classic

Ruth Hardy Park

Ruth Hardy Park, also known as Movie Colony East, sits right next to an outdoor park of the same name. The literal park is beautiful, with tennis courts, running paths and trails, and family spaces like picnic groves. Ruth Hardy Park is known for its luxury modernist homes, drawing in the same demographic as its sister to the west. Among the most well known is Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms residence, which you can actually rent (if you have the dollars to do it!)

Ruth Hardy Park has the same benefits as The Movie Colony – close enough to walk to downtown, near the major Palm Springs attractions, with a quiet neighborhood feel. What makes it unique is the proximity to the park, which brings a bit of nature right to your backyard. Most of the nature experiences in Palm Springs are outside the city, but here in Ruth Hardy Park you won’t have to travel far. Most likely, you’ll have to go for a vacation home or an Airbnb if this is where you want to stay in Palm Springs.

Best Vacation Home in Ruth Hardy Park – Ruth Hardy Park Oasis

Best Airbnbs in  Ruth Hardy Park – Relaxation Ranch, The Hideaway Ranch, & Palm Springs Paradise

BONUS Stay – Twin Palms Sinatra Estate

Vista Las Palmas

Fans of modernist architecture, as well as unique home designs, will love this neighborhood! Vista Las Palmas was the brainchild of architects William Krisel and Dan Palmer, with the help of Charles Dubois. Altogether, they created 330 homes, each with their own particular style and flair. Unlike contemporary, formulaic neighborhoods, these houses each have distinctive design elements both inside and outside. Vista Las Palmas also is the location of the famous Elvis Presley Honeymoon Hideaway, an exemplar of modernist design by Robert Alexander.

Staying in Vista Las Palmas is to stay in a piece of history. The full-time residents of the area are fiercely dedicated to protecting the cultural value of the area, as well as welcoming guests to experience the nostalgia for themselves. In addition to housing its own attractions, Vista Las Palmas is still close to other experiences in the Palm Springs area. Since this area is mostly neighborhood homes, the best stays are going to be vacation homes and Airbnbs.

Best Hotels & Vacation Homes in Vista Las Palmas – ARRIVE Palm Springs & Vistas Las Palmas Midcentury

Best Airbnbs in Vista Las Palmas – Hip Condo with Courtyard & Pool & The Lone Palm House

Old Las Palmas

Desert foliage and flowers in Palm Springs

Right next store to Vista Las Palmas, Old Las Palmas was the first community built in Palm Springs. This is the original home of Hollywood, starting Palm Springs’ glamourous reputation. While the neighborhood was built in the 1920s, it wasn’t until the 1930s that the stars began to roll in. However, when big names like Lucille Ball and Clark Gable came to town, Old Las Palmas’ popularity soared.

When we say the area is wealthy, that’s an understatement. Houses in this neighborhood start at $1.5 million. That’s for a fixer upper. Therefore, when you’re thinking about staying in this neck of the woods, you know you’re in for the lap of luxury. Quiet and privacy are valued here, so you’re not going to be finding a hotel within this exclusive neighborhood. If this is where you want to stay in Palm Springs, you’re going to have to go with a home rental. However, that can be perfect if you want a calm and relaxing vacation. In truth, you’re still only a few miles from the major attractions of Palm Springs.

Best Vacation Homes in Old Las Palmas – The Lawrence at Old Las Palmas & Spanish Old Las Palmas

Best Airbnbs in Old Las Palmas – Old Las Palmas House, Modern Condo by Vacasa California, & View Condo in Old Las Palmas

Deepwell Estates

House with orange door and cacti nearby
Photo by Don Stouder on Unsplash

A clash of California cultures, Deepwll Estates brings together the rustic ranch life of the desert with the midcentury modern atmosphere of Palm Springs. Coming up in the 1950s, Deepwell attracted famous individuals like many of its neighboring regions. However, the design difference sets it apart from the Las Palmas and Movie Colony areas.

Deepwell Estates is also a tight-knit community, something you feel when staying in the area. Take in the beautiful landscapes, both natural and manmade, as you walk through the neighborhood. The mountains in the distance make the area feel safe and secluded, although you’re not a far drive from the downtown area. Deepwell Estates is also right along East Palm Canyon Drive, one of the most well known restaurant and shopping districts in Palm Springs. Just down the road is Moorten Botanical Gardens, a must-see for anyone visiting the area.

Best Hotels in Deepwell Estates – Sparrows Lodge & La Maison Hotel

Best Airbnbs in Deepwell Estates – Deepwell Estates Townhouse, Mid-Century Glamour Home, & Deepwell Mid Century Modern

Desert Park Estates

Street leading to desert hill in Palm Springs, California
Photo by Cody Board on Unsplash

In one of the northernmost parts of Palm Springs, Desert Park Estates embodies the modernist feel of the 1950s. A quiet California neighborhood, this is a great location for a longer stay, as it has that feeling of home. However, you are still near enough to the city to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Palm Springs. When you stay in this area, you’ll feel as though you stepped back in time…or into one of the Back to the Future films.

There are a couple of good hotels in the area, although our pick is the top-ranked. However, we suggest using a vacation rental or Airbnb so you can get that homey feeling that characterizes this neighborhood.

Best Hotel in Desert Park Estates – The Monkey Tree Hotel

Best Airbnb in Desert Park Estates – Mi Casa Guesthouse, HollyWood Springs, & Mountain View Home

Tahquitz River Estates

Infused with a boho chic vibe, Tahquitz River Estates is like a small village on the edge of downtown Palm Springs. Here is where you’ll find some of the best vintage shops and diverse dining options, as well as a mix of cultures. From an architectural standpoint, Tahquitz River Estates has a mix of modernist homes, Spanish-style haciendas, and 21st century marvels. This eclectic collection makes it a popular location for walking tours and a great photo opp spot.

Staying in this area gives you access to all these local goodies, as well as close proximity to the canyon parks to the south. Tahquitz River Estates is rich in history, perfect for those who want to dive deeper into the culture of the area.

Best Hotels in Tahquitz River Estates – Villa Royale, BelleVue Oasis, & Little Paradise Hotel

Best Airbnbs in Tahquitz River Estates – Flamingo House, Casita Studio Apartment, & Serene Desert Oasis Guesthouse

Araby Cove

Yellow gate on white house in Palm Springs
Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

One of the most popular and eclectic neighborhoods in Palm Springs, Araby Cove has homes going back to the 1920s as well as contemporary getaways. For all that it is call a cove, many of the homes nestle into the foothills of the mountains, providing spectacular views. A quiet, serene location, you can relax in peace but still be a quick ride from the fun of the downtown area. Many of the outdoor adventures are a short drive from Araby Cove as well, making it an ideal midway location if you want to do both.

With its location a small distance from the tourist zones, Araby Cove has great vacation rentals and Airbnbs versus traditional hotels. However, that can be good, giving you a more private vacation.

Best Vacation Home in Araby Cove – Araby Cove Eden Home Home

Best Airbnbs in Araby Cove – Rock House at Happy Canyon Ranch & Palm Springs Mid Century House

Historic Tennis Club – Central Palm Springs

Large palm tree at dusk in California
Photo by Finn on Unsplash

Foodies of the world, unite! Historic Tennis Club, the main Central Palm Springs neighborhood, is the home of some of the most fantastic restaurants in the region. Whether you want something quick, like an amazing milkshake, or a delectable sit-down meal, you’re going to find delicious food in Historic Tennis Club. This section is also part of the historic areas of Palm Springs, giving you a chance to explore the culture of the city.

Historic Tennis Club is home to Spanish-revival style residences, taking inspiration from traditional haciendas in Spain. The beautiful architecture just adds to the historic feeling of the location. This area is also close to many of the mountain spaces and hiking trails, as well as the downtown area. You really get the best of both worlds in Central Palm Springs!

Best Vacation Home in Historic Tennis Club – Historic Tennis Club Cody

Best Airbnbs in Historic Tennis Club – Modernism Mid Century Condo & St Baristo Luxury Townhome

Sunrise Park

A small community in the central area of Palm Springs, Sunrise Park has a blend of midcentury modern and ranch style homes, similar to some of the surrounding neighborhoods. Robert Alexander, the creator of the famous Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway, and Jack Meiselman, built many of the unique homes in this area. When you stay in Sunrise Park, you get a sense of that early 1950s feel with a contemporary twist.

In addition to these fun cultural elements, Sunrise Park is conveniently located near much of the fun downtown. This is the appeal for the permanent residents in the neighborhood – their own little haven right in the middle of everything. If you want a more typical hotel experience, this is where you’ll find some of the big name hotel companies. For those that want a more local vibe, try an Airbnb.

Best Hotels in Sunrise Park – Courtyard Palm Springs & Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel

Best Airbnbs in Sunrise Park – Spanish Bungalow & Warm Sands Apartment

Chino Canyon

View down into Palm Springs valley

Different than most of the other Palm Springs neighborhoods, Chino Canyon’s villas are built right into the hillside. It has the nickname Little Tuscany, as Chino Canyon reflects much of the rustic beauty of the Italian region. Tucked away on mountainside, the inns and vacation homes in the area are a peaceful alternative to the bustling downtown.

You’ll find the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway right by Chino Canyon, as well as other prime Palm Springs attractions. It’s a great location for peace and quiet, but not far from things you might want to do on your trip.

Best Hotels in Chino Canyon – The Cole Hotel & The Palm Springs Hotel

Best Airbnbs in Chino Canyon – Vistas Edge, Atomic Ranch, & Strawberry Palms Townhouse

El Mirador

A small neighborhood in the central area of Palm Springs, El Mirador is a beautiful and quiet place, perfect for a relaxing vacation. Only 160 homes, El Mirador has a variety of architectural designs and layouts. They vary from large estates to boho bungalows, making it easy to find a place to stay that fits your group.

El Mirador is also close to the downtown area, particularly the great restaurants. You really get the best of what Palm Springs has to offer here, with the peace you want for a break from your everyday life and the fun you want out of a California vacation.

est Hotels & Vacation Homes in El Mirador – Avanti Hotel & Condo at Rancho El Mirador

Best Airbnbs in El Mirador – Palm Springs Bliss, Midcentury Apartment, & Mid-Century Marvel

The Best of Where to Stay in Palm Springs

As you narrow down your selection of where to stay Palm Springs, there might be a couple personal factors to consider. Are you travelling as a family, couple, or on your own? Are you going on a romantic trip or travelling for business? Is this a spring break getaway, weekend jaunt, or long-term stay? With all of this in mind, we have for you our top five best’s to help you make your decision.

Best for Families – A Place In The Sun Garden Hotel & Relaxation Ranch

Both of these options have plenty of space, ideal if you’re travelling with your kids. Pools, fire pits, and ideal location also make it easy to keep your family entertained!

Best for Adults Only – La Serena Villas & Ingleside Inn

Whether you’re in an adults-only group or taking a weekend away from the kids, sometimes you just need to be around adults. Both of these boutique resorts are adults only (La Serena Villas is 21 and older!), providing a quiet location to relax.

Best for Romance – Dive Palm Spring, Korakia Pensione, & Mi Casa

Both Dive Palm Springs and Korakia Pensione are intimate resorts with beautiful themes, although Korakia Pensione has a more natural vibe. Mi Casa is an Airbnb built for two, with plenty of privacy but still all the amenities of home. In truth, you would never need to leave!

Best for Attractions – Holiday House Palm Springs & Modernist Downtown Condo

Both of these Palm Springs stays are right in the downtown area, ideal if you’re trying to do a bit of everything!

Best for Budget – Casita Studio, Warm Sands Apartment, & Skylark Hotel

All of these locations hover around $100 a night, which is a deal if you still want a quality experience. With that in mind, you are not sacrificing quality here, and will still have a great stay.

No matter where you choose to stay in Palm Springs, we know you’re going to have an amazing trip!

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